The Original Treestrap®, the VStrap®, the Tackstrap® and all of our webbing tree ties have been manufactured by GCS, Inc in North Wales, PA. Since 1992 our superior quality lightweight webbing tree ties are easy to install and very cost effective. Our product line focuses on the needs of landscape architects, municipal specifiers, engineers, contractors, developers and growers. For these varied applications we supply multiple sizes and lengths in synthetic and natural fibers and are happy to customize any order for your specific project. Today many key distributors carry our product line and can assist you with product choices. However, if you wish to contact us directly, please email us at sales@treestrap.com or call GCS at 1-800-360-3584.

We invite you to view our products and download section for more detailed information on our Original Treestrap® products lines.

Manufactured in the USA

Every product is manufactured and tested in the USA, to ensure high quality products every time.

Respect for the Environment

As a Green Friendly manufacturer, our production is "state of the art", energy efficient, electronic equipment, using only clean compressed air. The sheer cutting of material is done with collection filtration and is properly vented. The screens are cleaned and cotton fibers are composted. There are no oils or hydraulics used in the process and no wastewater to treat. All scraps of cotton are composted and used in our gardens.

Wide variety of tree ties

We manufacture a wide variety of tree ties and tree tying products in various lengths, widths and materials including the Original Treestrap®, the VStrapTM, the TackstrapTM and the all purpose Garden TieTM. GCS provides UPC and GTIN labeling and private branding, as well as, retail ready packaging. We can customize to your needs.