For over twenty-five years, GCS has been working with tree growers to provide tie-down and support materials for containers used for 30 Gal trellising to 675 Gal containers and everything in between.  We are not in the business of calling on you with seconds and leftovers that happen to hit the market, but to provide you with an ongoing, just–in–time delivery of first quality materials.  We always deliver freight prepaid.  We have a continuous supply of materials with SDS sheets ready for the asking. Nursery supplies are domestically manufactured to provide a regular and trustworthy supply of first quality tree supports. If you are a grower and require first class service you have come to the right place.

Call for samples and product particulars, or to discuss how GCS can provide you with the materials that will fill your needs.

Our Nursery materials are always:

  • Made in the USA
  • Supported by the latest SDS documentation
  • Always First quality
  • Always Delivered Free
  • Just-in-time delivery from a standing inventory

Nursery use of  product #1082

Do you have a new application needing a special tie-down? Excellent!  We can help.

    Nursery use of product #4089                                                   Nursery use of product #1000

      Nursery products are not available to order online. We are happy to give you an estimate for the exact quantity you need. Call us or fill out the form below.

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      Treestrap® #1000
      Woven Polypropylene

      Width: 1″ wide
      Length: 100 yards (300 ft) Roll
      Tear strength 825 lbs.
      Suggested use: Container tie-down

      Treestrap® #4088
      Woven Polyester

      Width: 1/2″ wide
      Length: 500 yards (1500 ft) Spool
      Tear strength 1300 lbs.
      Suggested use: Support collar in tree (use in conjunction with #1000)

      Treestrap® #4089
      Woven Polyester (Tubular)

      Width: 1″ wide
      Length: 100 yards (2/150 ft. Rolls)
      Tear strength 3000 lbs.
      Suggested use: Container tie-down up to 675 gallon box
      White with black stripe

      Treestrap® #1082
      Woven Polypropylene

      Width: 5/8″ wide
      Length: 500 yards (1500 ft) Spool
      Tear strength 375 lbs.
      Suggested use: Trellising
      Black herringbone