The VStrapTM has been developed for use in high wind locations. The VStrapTM is designed to transfer any stress from wind or installation to the parallel stakes.

Smaller caliper trees will less likely snap with our VStrap.

Although the VStrapTM can be used in any application that the Original Treestrap is used, the ingenious pocket that is created with proper installation of the VStrapTM, will allow new plantings to sway and develop proper strength and growth without constriction and breakage.

No special tools are needed to install this strap, or any of the tree straps manufactured by GCS, Inc. Tree straps can be used for staking to ground or guying to a parallel lodge poles. Wire never goes around the tree, protecting the trees health.

You can purchase the VStrapTM in polypropylene, and biodegradable cotton.

What treestrap should I use?

9″ inch VStrapTM

Woven Polypropylene
1″ wide x 9″ long • 2.5 cm x 19 cm
3 brass grommets
Tear strength 90 kg.,  200 lbs.
Recommended 2″ caliber trees


 #1018V-Beige-100 pcs. $76.00
 #1118V-Green-100 pcs. $76.00


smallleaf Biodegradable Cotton
1″ wide x 9″ long • 2.5 cm x 19 cm
3 brass grommets
Tear strength 145 kg., 325 lbs.
Recommended 2″ caliber trees


 #3718VN-Natural-100 pcs. $102.00